History project By ColLin

Abraham was considered "The Father of the Jews" since he "birthed the nation". Abraham wanted a child. At the time he was very old and couldn't have a child, He tried to have a child with his servant, but he still didn't have a child. They prayed, and prayed and God promised him a baby. At their old age they didn't believe it, but God gave them a child. A few years later, God told him to sacrafice his son. Even though he might not have agreed, he went to sacrafice his son. But, as he held the knife up. God told him to stop. Then God said that he would have "more children than stars in the sky.". Abraham was known for being obedient to God and doing what was asked. One example of that was when he moved his people to a new nation. God gave him a message to move the nation to Canaan.

Moses was most known for getting the Isrealites out of slavery in Egypt. When Moes was a baby boy, a law to kill all Hebrew boys.m


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