As he sat there in a brown study, he happened to glance over on the Green Meadows and there he saw something red. He looked very hard, and in a minute he saw that it was Reddy Fox. Right away, Peter's nimble wits began to plan how he could use Reddy Fox to play a joke on Jimmy. All in a flash an idea came to him, an idea that made him laugh right out. You see, the Imp of Mischief was very, very busy whispering to Peter.

The Adventures of Jimmy Skunk

The Body

  1. Tie a knot.
  2. Fold half of the fiber over the knot and felt.
  3. Repeat with the other half of the fiber in the opposite direction.
  4. Continue felting and turning the ball continuously. Adjust where necessary to achieve a round firm body.


  1. Repeat the process for the head but this time leave a bit of fiber hanging off the back and concentrate felting one end of the ball so that it gains a tip. This is Reddy’s nose.

Join Head to Body

  1. Join the head to the body by felting the extra fiber of the head down and around the back of the body.
  2. Continue felting until the extra fiber is fully blended into the body.


  1. Take three fourths of the fiber marked tail and lay it out. Now roll the remaining fourth into a ball and place in the center of the other fiber.
  2. Felt to secure.
  3. Fold in half. Start felting the fat end of the tail, turning continuously to keep it rounded. You will leave the other end loose for attaching to the body.
  4. Take half of your white fiber and give the tail a white tip.


  1. Using half of the ear fiber, fold into a triangle leaving loose fiber at the bottom.
  2. Felt this triangle until firm.
  3. You'll need to flip the ear over and over while felting until the piece becomes solid and firm.
  4. Use scissors to trim the edges strait.
  5. Add half of the remaining white fiber to the center.
  6. You’ll notice some of the white poking out the back of the ears. Use a bit of extra orange fiber to cover this up.


  1. Felt down two eye sockets. Do this by punching the needle in one spot repeatedly until you create a little divot.
  2. Sew black beads through the head and tie strings from both eyes together in the back.
  3. Cut string and felt a bit of extra fiber over the string to hide.


Look at your fox and add any finishing touches. You can felt the seams down a bit, add dimension to the hip. Now would also be the time to add fiber wherever necessary to make the connections secure. I like to add fiber to the back of the neck making all the pieces appear to be one. You can also add fiber the bottom of the fox so that he sits nicely.

YOU did IT!

What else can you make? Do you feel confident in needle felting now?? We'd love to see pictures.

Share pictures of your creations - finishedcrafts@handmeacraft.com

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