Madison Tira Deep Culture Exploration

How did your family identify ethnically or racially?


Where did you live-urban, suburban, or rural community?


How would you describe your family's economic status-middle class, upper class, working class, or low income? What did that mean in terms of quality of life?

Middle class- My dad raised me to get the best out of my money and not to spend too much at one time.

Were you the first in your family to attend college? If not, who did- your parents, grandparents, or great grandparents?

One set of my grandparents attended Ohio State University. The other set did not attend college. My mom attended Central Missouri University and my dad attended Pitt State University.

What metaphors, analogies, parables, or "witty" sayings do you remember hearing from parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles?

My grandpa always used to say "how bout them apples?" when I was a kid. I do not know what that means but my grandpa is goofy. My dad always tells me to do my best.

What are some of your family traditions-holidays, foods, or rituals?

Every Christmas Eve we go to church with my grandparents. Then on Christmas morning we open Santa gifts and gifts from each other (my parents, my sister, and I). Then my grandparents come over and we open their gifts and go over together to my other grandparents to have Christmas dinner and open gifts over there.

How were you expected to interact with authority figures? Was authority of teachers and other elders assumed or did it have to be earned?

My sister and I were always raised to just be respectful to everyone, no matter their age. But certain people like bosses and teachers, we were expected to be even more courteous towards them.

As a child, did you call adults by their first name?

No, they were always by their last. Unless my sister and I were joking around with my parents.

What got you shunned or shamed in your family?

Any kind of disrespect is not acceptable with my parents.

Were you allowed to question, or talk back to, adults?

My parents never liked my sister and I to talk back to them, which was hard sometimes because we were both pretty sassy children.

What's your family/community's relationship with time?

My parents and sister are late to a lot of events, but I hate being late to anything.

How did you come to believe the values of school?

I was always a pretty well-behaved child in school and naturally picked up on the values, such as communication, self-motivation, and effort.

What did your culture teach you about intelligence?

My parents always taught me it was not about how much knowledge you know, but the amount of effort you put in to get where you are.

Did you grow up believing intelligence was set at birth?

No, I think anyone who is open to learning new things can succeed.

Did you believe some groups were smarter than others?

I have always heard of some stereotypes, but I do not believe in them because anyone can be open to learning new things and expanding their knowledge.

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