Word work words by Colton gray

Data means facts or figuers
vulnerable means weak
induce means to cause
unconscious means not awake
deforest means to clear a wide of trees
Teeming means overflowing
pristine means unpolluted
reservoir means a lake
prototype means the first modle
sustainable means able to be done without destroying resources
emit means to send off
greenhouse gas means a gas that traps heat in the atmosphere


Created with images by Pexels - "analysis analytics business" • Sahara Frost - "Quokka-Setonix brachyurus" • jurvetson - "The Dawn of De-extinction" • eddiecoyote - "The Unconscious Psyche" • Hans - "deforestation forest tree stump" • whologwhy - "TWIN LAKE BALINSASAYAO" • freestock.ca ♡ dare to share beauty - "St. Stephen's White - HDR" • Tim Green aka atoach - "Ryburn reservoir" • parkland75 - "automobile car museum prototypes" • tookapic - "windmill turbine renewable" • hzv_westfalen_de - "light led electric light" • Atmospheric Infrared Sounder - "NASA's AIRS Sees Polar Vortex Behind U.S. Big Chill (narrated)"

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