Phil Woods By:Emma Robinson

Early Life

Phillip Wells Wood was born on November 2, 1931 in Springfield, Massachusetts.

When he was 12 he inherited an ancient alto saxophone from his uncle.

It took lots of nagging but eventually his mom let him go to a trial lesson.

While in high school he took lessons in jazz improvisation.

He enrolled in Juilliard School of Music but they didn't teach saxophone so he studied the clarinet as him main instrument.

After School

After graduating in 1952, he became a large part of the New York Jazz Scene.

Woods married Chan Richardson, who was Charlie Parker's former partner.

Chan and Woods later moved to Paris in 1968 , which was a shock to everyone.

In Europe Woods formed a band called The Rhythm Machine.

The band was a success but took most of his time and only lasted 4 years.

Woods moved back to America in 1972.

Here he started a quartet, which later became a quintet.

The quintet occasionally featured Woods clarinet playing.

Woods later suffered with emphysema until he had to carry around an oxygen tank.

In 1977 he and Chan divorced.

Woods later married Jill Goodwin, sister of his drummer.

Phil Woods died September 29, 2015

Phil Woods Playing

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