Baseball in April Gary Soto

Part 1: Just by looking at this picture, create a small, one page, original story from the point of view of a character. Create a doc on your google classroom assignment. Label this section Part 1 and begin writing your story.

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Part 2: Make an inference about this picture. What is happening? Who is involved? What will happen next? Use details from the picture to support your inference. In the same google doc that you wrote for Part 1, you will put label Part 2 on the same document and write your inference.

Part 3:

"Jesse chewed his palm as he moved up the line. When his number was called he ran out too the field to the sound of his black sneakers smacking against the clay. He looked at the kids still in line, then at Michael who yelled, "You can do it!" The first grounder, a three bouncer, spun off his glove into center field. Another grounder cracked off the bat, and scooped it up, but the ball rolled off his glove. Jesse stared at it before he picked it up and hurled it to first base. The next one he managed to pick up cleanly, but its throw made the first baseman leap into the air with an exaggerated grunt that made him look good. Three more balls were hit to Jesse, and he came up with one.

His number flapped like a broken wing as he ran off the field to sit in the bleachers and wait for Michael to trot onto the field. Michael raced after the first grounder and threw it on the run. On the next grounder, he lowered himself to one knee and threw nonchalantly to first. As his number, a crooked seventeen, flapped on his back, he saw a coach make a mark on his clipboard.

Michael lunged at the next hit but missed, and it skidded into center field. He shaded his eyes after the next hit, a high pop-up, and when the ball came down he was there to slap it into his glove. His mouth grew fat from trying to hold back a smile. The coach made another mark on his clipboard.

When the next number was called, Michael jogged off the field with his head held high. He sat next to his brother, both dark and serious as they watched the other boys trot on and off the field."

(Baseball in April)-Gary Soto

Label Part 3 in your google doc and write a main idea paragraph about this passage from Grary Soto's book, Baseball in April. Make sure you have and correctly cite text evidence along with a detail elaboration.


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