The Road to Mentor (The Jenny Ryan Edition)

The Journey begins on Bid Day of 2016 when young Alee runs off the bus onto sorority row very happy but very scared. I see a girl holding my name, turns out it was Jenny surprise surprise, but I awkwardly forgot her name even though she rushed me two rounds (yes I do remember it now) so I stuck to gender neutral pronouns until someone said her name :)

Next stop on this journey would be Jenny becoming one of my closest friends in the entire world. Before Jenny became my mentor she became my best friend and in turn this lead her to constantly fake me out during reveal week. This began when Drew Anderson called Jenny from a KA social (thanks Drew) letting her know that I found out she was my mentor because of the username she created to send me memes. This then lead Jenny to freak out even going as far as having her roommate text me telling me not to be sad because Jenny told her she wasn't my mentor and she didn't want my feelings to be hurt (sneaky stuff Jennifer). But its ok on the big day I was thoroughly surprised and relieved to find Jenny and the rest of the fam grab me on reveal. Also got a nice pair of underwear so things really worked out.

Peep a very happy Sammi B in the back

Not only can I thank Jenny for introducing me to Cicerones but I can't imagine my life without the wonderful family she has let me be a part of even though two of them are leaving us *tears*. I even got to do the near impossible, considering the savagery on connect, I got to give one of my first tours with my amazing mentor! Not only did she kick major butt, she also wore a fit bit on the tour so we could see how far we walked afterwards #fitfam.

Jenny thank you so much for being an all around amazing mentor and pushing me to be not only the best mentee around but the best version of myself I can possibly be. Watching you push yourself and try new things is truly inspiring and you handle every situation with grace and warmth. Here's a pic from Jenny's big debut as an emcee for a philanthropy fashion show. GO JENNY!

The Journey to my mentor might have ended but the Journey of this power duo in Cicerones has only just begun. I honestly can't thank you enough Jenny for all that you have done for me and pushed me to be. You truly helped me believe in myself and that I belonged here and I wouldn't want to call anyone else my mentor. Love you always. -your Mentee

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