Extreme weather: tornadoes and blizzard by: chase jocelyn and Charlie minton

Tornadoes : What is a tornado?

A tornado is a form of extreme weather, Tornadoes can take away full cities, cause deaths and most importantly make terrible memories or flashbacks to an ordinary person. The webster dictionary definition defines Tornado as a violent destructive whirling wind accompanied a funnel shaped cloud that progresses in a narrow path over the land.


A tornado is known to completely demolish a city and only leave chunks of city parts and metal and other things. On may 3, 1999 a tornado hit oklahoma which had the greatest wind speed ever recorded on US soil and the earth. It took place across much of the Central and parts of the Eastern United States. Many tornadoes can leave houses and families completely broken.

Tornado:In the event of a tornado you should always find cover. This is because debris cannot hit you or you can not get picked up by the wind.

Blizzards: What is a Blizzard

To make a blizzard you need

Snow ,At least 35 mph winds ,¼ mile or less visibility, and At least 3 hours. Also ,A severe snowstorm with high winds snow storm and hard to see

A major example of this is when Two blizzards in February 2010 broke snowfall records in, such as a whopping 32.4 inches of snow. After the second snowstorm in February, 68.1 percent of the country was covered by snow.

Yes, Blizzards are dangerous and at times life threatening .To prepare for a blizzard you would need to Minimize Travel so that you would get or stay stuck on the road. Also try to Listen to the radio so you would know if the blizzard was coming your way. Finally always have emergency supplies just in case you run out of something


Created with images by NOAA Photo Library - "wea00208" • isghoul - "Not a tornado" • WarmSleepy - "Snowed under"

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