Chapter 52 new faces

It's been months since Maxi died and since then I haven't really been happy. I feel like my whole world has been turned upside down, I don't feel like I am ever going to be happy again. Well that's what I thought until I heard "BARK BARK BARK". Which honestly confused me. "Hello?" I said " Hi, does Timminy Harris live here?" "Yes, I am him, who are you?" " Hi, sorry so rude of me not to introduce myself, I'm Aubrey Lehnert, I'm new to the neighborhood and since I will be going to your school your Dad wanted me to meet you because I'm in your grade." "Oh! Well that's great come in!" "Ok." "And who's this little feller?" I said petting this very large dog "This is Mori, she's a Great Pyrenees Golden Retriever mix." "She is so cute!" "Well I hope you think so because she's yours!" "What?" "She's for you, your Dad told me that your dog Maxi had died and my dog was having puppies that just so happened to be half Great Pyrenees so your Dad bought this cutie for you!" "Oh my gosh! I'm so happy! Thank you so much! She is the sweetest thing!" "No problem! I'm glad this worked out so well!" "Do you think you could stay for a little bit?" "I would love to!" So Aubrey and I hung out all afternoon and played with Mori. I told Aubrey about Abby and she wanted to meet her so I invited Abby over and we all watched a movie together. During that time we all became best friends.

Since it was the weekend I called up Aubrey and Abby and invited them to come hang out. So instead of watching a movie we decided to play board games. "What game do you guys want to play?" "Let's play sorry!" Aubrey said with delight "Oooo! I haven't played that in forever, sounds fun!" Abby said with excitement "So it's settled we are playing sorry!" I said as I grabbed the board game "Ha ha! Sorry!" Aubrey smirked "Darnet! Now I won't have any players on the board!" I complained "They're called pawns Timminy, not players!" Abby stated as her and Aubrey laughed at my foolish mistake "Same differences!" I laughed "You know what guys? I have had so much fun with you! The most I've ever had!" Aubrey gladly stated "Me too!" Abby said "Me three!" I said as I picked up Mori "Me four!" I said pretending to be Mori. Abby and Aubrey laughed at my adorable but possibly offensive joke!

It was getting late so Abby had to go home because her parents don't want her out past dark since someone could hit her. Luckily Aubrey could stay since she lives right behind me. I'm so grateful to have found such great friends! I still miss Maxi but my friends reduce the pain I feel when I think of her. I was desperate to find happiness and now that I have found it I feel at peace. It's like the longing for Maxi, isn't as strong as it used to be. I really love Mori! And I love how she protects me like maxi did. She comes and crawls in bed with me, and it's nicer with her because she's a puppy so she's not as big as Maxi was! That's good news for me because I can actually move around and be comfortable but still be warm. An hour has passed and it was time for Aubrey to go home. To be honest I'm glad she did. I really feel like just flopping in bed and snuggling up with Mori while getting my bed COVERED in hair! I'm anxious for this new journey I get to embark upon with new people, new friends, and new family because just like Maxi, Mori is a part of this crazy family.

Secret #52 Life works in mysterious ways all you have to do is live it!


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