How many times do you touch a job?

The typical print shop today is burdened with a variety of manual, disconnected processes. Estimating, writing up orders, proof approvals, preparing job jackets, scheduling, imposing, generating shipping labels, accounting entry and a lack of order tracking topped off with the seemingly endless task of re-keying the same data into multiple systems can easily have you losing money before you’ve even printed the job.


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Designed by a visionary printer burdened by the traditional manual workflow process that still plague many printers today, PressWise is a cloud-based print production workflow system with a holistic tool set to streamline, automate and grow your print production business without adding additional staff.

"PressWise offers a modern, web-based job ordering, processing and proofing system that allows our entire staff to stay on the same page at all times."


  • Web-to-Ship Storefronts – The vast majority of consumers shop and manage accounts online – Print buying is no different
  • Estimating and Quoting – Designed for standard and custom jobs
  • Auto-Proof Approval Processing – Clients instantly reject or and approve online
  • Order Management – Access your shop anytime, anywhere
  • Automated Impositioning – With FTP hot folder support and JDF Technology
  • Production Automation – Proof, schedule, impose and track jobs on the fly
  • Mail Processing – Automated CASS/PAVE Certified USPS™ mail processing
  • Shipping – Fully integrated USPS™, UPS™ & FedEx™ connectivity. Signature Capture
  • Accounting – Client invoicing and data transfer to QuickBooks™
Keeping track of all the art and communications with the customer in one place is awesome. We have cut our paper files by at least 80% by going with paperless job tickets for most of our digital and wide format jobs. Everything anyone could need is in the system.
I have had a few people out sick that have been able to still get most of their work done remotely through the system thru emails and writing up jobs. When I take a day off I can easily keep jobs going and stay in communication with my customers.

PressWise combines these tools into one browser-based application delivering measurable profit through hands-off automation freeing up skilled staff to spend more time on high-value projects.

Before PressWise, each order would take about an hour of admin time to create the estimate and job ticket, get the job into production and get it shipped. With an average of 225 orders per week at an average order of $500, the cost of manual processing rapidly ate into margins. Each job now consumes an average of 20 minutes of labor, resulting in an annual savings for us of about $45,000.
Rule-based auto Impositioning
“PressWise has completely streamlined our entire process! Profits are up, customer satisfaction is up, people love our new proofing system, and our prepress turn time is half or less.”


All of our development, QA and support is done in-house by our own staff, many of whom worked in print shops so they understand the challenges. We feel this is a key consideration when investing in any print technology software.

“I don’t know how you do it, but you have the most wonderful group of employees. Every single person I have come in contact with is a 10 when it comes to customer service, technical know-how, and responsiveness."


We have a simple SaaS pricing model where you pay a flat fee to launch PressWise plus a monthly fee.

Unlimited technical support, unlimited training, product updates and enhancements (maintenance really), unlimited storefronts are all included in the standard version of PressWise. There are no click charges, per order charges, per client charges, etc. and no long-term contracts which means that you can cancel any month.

I would say that what I been most impressed by is the team ability to make the system better based on feedback from my team.




  • Unmatched security
  • Each PressWise system is on a completely isolated Linux based server hosted in a Tier 1 Data Center. Our cloud system combines best-of-breed hardware/software, proven processes, policy management tools and experienced security engineers for the 24x7 protection of IT infrastructure, including managed firewall/VPN and managed Intrusion Detection System (IDS) services.
  • There's always a duplicate of your server data, which is the key distinguishing factor between a Cloud Server (PressWise) and a Virtual Machine (Amazon Web Services, Google, etc.) With a VM, you run on one server, with one copy of your data. If that node goes down, you are down and risk data loss. 100% of what we do is redundant, meaning if one node goes down, the server is automatically rebooted on a different node with minimal downtime.
  • System enhancements and improvements are updated automatically



  • Faster uploads and downloads of artwork in the production environment
  • Artwork is readily accessible on your network, even when internet connectivity is lacking
  • Your data never leaves the building
  • Your system can use any resources you make available, potentially handling much higher volumes than a shared cloud server

Things to Consider

  • Setup is longer with server setup, data migration and testing
  • You accept responsibility for backing-up all artwork and customer/system data
  • Outages in local internet service must be resolved by you
  • Hardware costs for server and monthly hosting fee
  • Less sophisticated security and redundancy
  • You provide all the bandwidth for anyone using the system. Your in-house users on your network, will have the full bandwidth of the LAN but anyone outside the building will connect to their PressWise storefronts at the speed of your internet connection


Most PressWise client choose the cloud option; however, you can always migrate to self-hosted any time and vice versa.

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