Copper Sun BY sharon draper

Long ago in an African village, Ziavi, a young African girl, Amari, and others from her village, including her fiancé Besa, were kidnapped, beaten, and even killed. The remaining slaves that survived said goodbye to Africa forever and sailed across the seas to America. Amari is sold to a horrible slave master Mr. Derby and is taught the ways of being a slave by Teenie, the cook, Tidbit, her son, and Polly, the indentured servant. Amari goes through a horrible life as a slave but eventually finds out that even in the toughest times, you can find some good things.
Characters: Teenie, Tidbit, Amari, Besa, Mr. Derby, and Polly.
The theme in this book is to show what a teenage girl, whose black, has to go through when she becomes a slave. It also shows that, even in the toughest times, you can find some good things.
My personal reaction to this book is that I loved it. It takes you on a really long emotional rollercoaster but it is worth it. Every chapter has a new twist to it, this is true page turner.


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