Hope is the only thing stronger than fear By Will Sprague

In the book thief the Max a jewish boy is in the middle of a life crisis, while also living in a current atrocity with war running through out the world and living under one of the worse leaders in the history Adolf Hitler. This is a quote that Max says to Liesel “Often I wish this would all be over, Liesel, but then somehow you do something like walk down the basement steps with a snowman in your hands (143)” This is a quote that truly shows hope in the dark times and how even the bad has it's good

How does what Max tell Liesel show that hope is the only thing stronger than fear? Max shows that even though his entire religious race is being tracked down and trying to be rid of that the good things still exist. The good is Max's hope. That is why he tells and shows Liesel that hope is stronger than fear. A very smart and intelligent main character Liesel knows that Max is a man who should fear many things with being a Jew in hiding but Max always seems to see the good in the bad. This is something that even in real life you can admire a man who has all against him still finding the desire and hope to keep going. He single handily shows that Hope overpowers fear. He can sit in a basement without making sound while men trying to rig his life are in the floors above. And to me and Liesel that is what hope is. Hope is the thing that keeps you hidden from the people searching, hope is the thing that makes the man in the mid life crisis keep going. This is how Max shows in the book Thief that Hope us stronger than fear

Hope is stronger than fear is well shown in the hunger games were the exact same idea comes up and the conclusion is that hope is truley the only thing stronger than fear. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAzXgjN9a0Q
How does Hope being stronger then fear show up in the real world? hope being stronger than fear is not only in the book it is also shohttps://www.ted.com/talks/karen_thompson_walker_what_fear_can_teach_uswn in this ted talk.
in the Ted talk it doesnt talk about hope overpowering fear it shows us how fear teaches us to find hope which after watching shows that fear creates hope and hope overpowers the fear in your path. https://www.ted.com/talks/karen_thompson_walker_what_fear_can_teach_us

The ted talk confirms the reason that hope overpowers fear. In the video she talks about sailors that boat sinks back before they could communicate with the land if there was an issue. They were abandoned and left with only one factor and that is fear. Fear without hope is acceptance of defeat. Hope is the way through fear with hope those sailors would have given in and never lived to tell the story of triumph just like what Max is doing hiding from the Nazi's. They both get put into situations that are unfair Max being stuck in a war of true hatred, while the sailors lose their ship without help. Both find the most important thing to overcome the problem in front of them, and that is hope. Hope is stronger than fear in real life and books. Hope is always going to overpower fear as long as you can still find it. With hope nothing is out of reach and that is the reason why hope is stronger than fear.

Family is everything in the bad times
Family in real life and in this book is the backbone for people in need. Leisel needs the HUbermanns and mostly rudy to keep going. "

“Goodbye, Papa, you saved me. You taught me to read. No one can play like you. I'll never drink champagne. No one can play like you. ( 306) Leisel says you have saved me even after the lose of her beloved father she believes that he saved her life through the dark times. The statement the book shows is family is everything in bad times. Leisel without family never would have been able to read and never would have found the amount of happiness she had during the hard times. Without here dad she never would have been able to find her love for books. Her dad also showed her to stand up for the tough things in life. Without here family she never would have been able to develop these real life a attributes.

Family doesn't have to be literal family Rudy was just as much family to leisel as anyone else

Rudy actually helps Leisel throw the hard times the most. What makes anyone more crazy than the person who can't get over you but you have that little crush on them. Rudy is family to Lesiel and he helps here through the bad as much as her books did. He makes up games for her attention and literally is constantly doing anything for her. She might not ever give him the kiss he so desperately wants but he will do all in his will to get it. In the while round about he makes Leisel forget about all the issues with the war and the cruel Nazi's and makes her live in the moment.

The real life example that explains how family is the backbone in bad times is this ted talk https://www.ted.com/talks/robert_waldinger_what_makes_a_good_life_lessons_from_the_longest_study_on_happiness

This Ted Talk relates to a lot about what I explained that family develops you as a character through out events of you're life. It explains that a good life has to contain a family that is their for you when you need them. This is why family is the backbone you can not function as a person without your backbone and you can not live Happy life without love and support from your family. The most important thing that I got from this ted Talk is How family can truly make a bad situation good. And that ties perfectly into what were reading Leisel without the Hubermanns and Rudy would be lost she would not be reading books or having fun in the streets she would be grieving the loss of her brother and mother. But family breaks her past and gives her the opportunity for a future.

words can be as powerful as actions

How can words be as powerful as actions? Through out the book Leisel sees the power of words through books and in her life. “She was saying goodbye and she didn't even know it. ( 457)" The power of words strikes at all times in your life actions couldn't say goodbye to here friends but Leisel words can show the ending of something great. She also learns the power of words from the books she reads. She learns that words are so powerful that they have to be rid off since the teach people the truth. The truth is a power full thing because if you preach something wrong and someone shows you the truth no one will believe the wrong so people use there actions to get rid of the power full truth. Leisel even wants to show how powerful words are when she begins writing her own story so people can admire her struggles. The power of words are shown every where in this book without any actions.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joj7_brYWt8 THis is a ted talk that shows how the power of words can be stronger than actions.

In this ted talk the Lady shares a touching story about how words can change any bad life to a good life in no more than a sentence. She first talks about how her life is changed hearing one sentence that sentence is hearing that her sister was killed by a drunk driver that sentence changed a good life to a life that was filled with sorrow. Then she faces another bad life changing sentence that she was going to have uncontrollable strokes. She then overcomes the lose of control in her body and hears the simple sentence from a trained hypnotherapist that here body is fine and here brain is having an error and you will fix it. This changes her life and makes her into a woman who doesn't back down from adversity just from the power of words. This relates to Leisel and her books mainly they gave her the power to make her own story so people can see here words and the power they will bring. The power of words can be more power full than actions, it is shown through this ted talk and through out the Book Thief.

Summative Theme: Hope is the only thing stronger than fear


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