Catholic Academy of Sunnyvale Newsletter week ending december 9th

Important Dates

Sunday, December 11th

Santa Pancake Breakfast

9 A.M. - 12 P.M.

Tickets for sale in the office

CAS Open House

Wednesday, December 14th

CAS Christmas Carol Sing A long

Friday December 16th

12:30 P.M. Dismissal- NO EXTENDED CARE

(Toddler through Eighth Grade)

Monday, December 19th-Monday, January 2nd

No School- Christmas Break (Toddler through Eighth Grade)

CAS Carols: An Evening of Songs & Smiles

Please join us on Wednesday, December 14th at 6:00 P.M. for a Christmas sing-a-long event. Classes will present a favorite Christmas song, and we invite all of you to join in the fun. There might even be a couple of special performances to enjoy. Refreshments will be served afterward - come for the songs; stay for the goodies!

*Please have your child dress in holiday attire - no jeans or t-shirts. Thank you!

(Toddler through Eighth Grade)

Drexel Series, Part II

Week #2:

What exactly is the Drexel School System and why does it matter? As you likely are aware, enrollment in our Catholic elementary schools has been declining slowly for the last ten years. In 2012, after an evaluation of the sustainability of Catholic elementary schools in our Diocese, the Department of Education, in partnership with the Vicar General of Special Projects and at the encouragement of the Bishop, investigated ways to systematize and strengthen our schools. A major concern was that parish schools were operating as independent entities under the supervision of the pastor and with the advisement of the Department of Education. The lack of systemic infrastructure was creating inconsistencies that were largely responsible for the failings that Catholic parish schools were beginning to experience. Operated solely on tuition and local fundraisers, schools were increasingly stretched financially and were unable to secure the necessary resources to bolster and support the programs that were being offered. Looking objectively, it became clear that the schools would be able to secure more resources and strengthen program and personnel if they banded together and created a system of schools that shared vital resources, secured necessary supports and organized general operations. Sharing instructional teams, technology teams and development teams in common allowed for shared cost across the system and enabled schools to secure high quality resources that might have otherwise been cost prohibitive. In addition, the Drexel School System established a Development team, committed to securing private donors to support the initial operational team and to fund at a significant cost tuition assistance for each of the Drexel Schools. These funds, over $8 million raised in just the past three months, have been infused into the system and have supported and empowered our schools, Catholic Academy included. We are proud to be a Drexel school.

Please "stay tuned" for the following topics to follow in later bulletins:

- The Pastor as the Spiritual Partner for the School, the Assistant Superintendent and System Controller as support for School Operations and Finances: the shift in Governance in Drexel Schools

A Letter from the Principal

Dear Parent,

What a week! Everyone is jogging full speed toward our event on Sunday and the Sing Along to follow next week. There is quite a lot to do, and we thank each and every person who is pitching in to make hearts happy and minds make connections. Together, we are quite a force!

There are so many opportunities before us, and I know that we are working each day to achieve so much. Today alone we had two tours, and one insisted on applying on the spot so she can begin in January. The children were so kind as were the teachers and it made a real difference. Their kindness was evident and drew in the mom to see the spiritual side of our work together. Bravo team!

Please do all you can to promote the Santa's Open House on Sunday from 9-12. Neighbors, friends, family - come one, come all! No hard sell - just a great community event to celebrate the coming birth of our Lord. Anyone that registers in advance gets a free photo with Santa! By calling Dulce in the office, and getting on the list - no charge. (Only a fee for breakfast.) Michelle is working very hard to put together the meal, and hopes people buy tickets in advance for the meal so she might have a somewhat accurate count of just how much food she will need. Buy early if possible.

May God bless us all this season and remind us that no joy of His birth has ever been purchased at a department store or online. Let's spend time together, worship together and experience the wonder of His humility.

I hope to see you all this weekend.

Warm Regards,

Susan Morrissey



This week in Toddlers we are getting ready for Christmas. The children are so excited to be celebrating Jesus' birthday. In preparation, we have been talking about the Advent Wreath and the Nativity.

Our Montessori lessons this week have us learning about primary colors (red, blue and yellow) and how we can mix them to make other colors. We are also practicing how to squeeze oranges and make orange


As we prepare for the holidays, the preschool class is learning what Christmas is really about. This week we are learning that Christmas is celebration of the birth of Jesus.


This week in kindergarten, the students practiced their list of sight words in a friendly spelling game. They even used some sight words in complete sentences for bonus points! Also, we were invited by the students at St. Francis High School to enjoy a children's holiday performance. The students loved the field trip with 1st and 2nd grade!

First Grade

Grade 1 competed in their very first Spelling Bee this week. We were very nervous, but it was also a lot of fun. The class was quite happy for our winner, Jasmine. She won the Spelling Bee in Round 8 with a very funny word: beehive!

Second Grade

The second-graders started planning their year-end activity for the 16th. They definitely want a fun-filled activity. They had a lot of ideas. They voted on games, food and drinks.

They also ended their first service program activity by signing the Thank you cards for Ms Kim, Ms Danielle, Ms Terry ad Ms Shelly for giving them the opportunity to of help to the children. They made a huge card for the Toddlers' class. They are looking forward to the next service program activity.

Third Grade

Poetry on Mary

Third Graders are learning a variety of poetry forms. Students started this unit by reading the standard quatrains found in most music. Now the students have begun to branch in haiku and cinquain. This week the poetry focus is on cinquain based on Blessed Mary in honor of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

Fourth Grade

This week the 4th grade students are working on "teaching a lesson" to their classmates about the different Native American groups in the regions of California. The class is divided into groups to cover: The Northern Coastal Region, The Southern Coastal Region, The Central Valley and Mountains, and The Desert Region. Students are using Adobe Voice to make an interactive presentation for their classmates and will present it to their class. As a knowledge check, they must create a quiz for their classmates as well. The class is working together to utilize various apps and tools, as well as increase their knowledge of technology and the Native American Tribes.

Fifth Grade

This week the students worked on completing the Artist- Hour of Code. They practiced writing a code to draw a 3D house with details such as a door, window and a chimney. It required a lot of patience and focus especially when getting the angles right in each programming block.

In Art class, they used chalk pastels to create a Christmas themed Van Gogh's Starry night.

Sixth Grade

This week the 6th-grade science class has finished our chapter on volcanoes. We are beginning to learn about weather and climate and differences between them. Students will learn how to collect local weather data and then compare the results with long-term climate data.

Seventh Grade

Art & Design

This week the students finished up their Van Gogh's "Starry Night" Christmas themed drawings using chalk pastels. They turned out great!

Next will they will learn about a famous artist named Claude Monet.

The lower school students had fun drawing the Nativity scene and also drawing and coloring the Visitation of Mary and Elizabeth.

The illustration that the students duplicated was from an artist by the name of Brother Michael O'Neill McGrath.

In Industrial Design, the upper school started their presentations on their redesigns of toothbrushes and utensils.

The designs and concepts of their products are amazing. The students really have a keen sense of "thinking outside the box."

Thank you to the 7th grade Parents and students for helping Mr. Silvestre decorate his classroom. It is much appreciated!

But Mr. Silvestre cannot forget about the 8th graders, they also helped him decorate his classroom to look like Santa's workshop for Open House this coming Sunday, December 11th.

It really is starting to look a lot like Christmas!

Eighth Grade

Grade 8 held its annual classroom Spelling Bee this week. The competition was quite fierce as Lily, Mitsuki, and Madison squared off against each other. But, there must always be a winner in the end... Congratulations to Lily as she advances to the school Spelling Bee, representing 8th grade!


The lesson of this week is for reviewing all lessons I taught from the beginning to now. The lessons have greeting, family, pets, Mid-Autumn festival, Halloween, Thanksgiving, days of the week, and weather. The students choose one of the lessons to create their lessons. Then, the students have to use their lessons to teach their classmates. It's a good method to check the students' understanding and help them to review all vocabularies.

Physical Education

This week in Physical Education, students continued with their fundamentals development with Basketball. From dribbing, passing, and even layups our students are beginning to master the rhythm of ball and fast pacing of this beloved sport. Kinders got a special game of "Four Corners" as well as working on some new stretches.

In Health, students are developing a better understanding towards the relationship of what they eat and how physically active they are during their average days. Seventh and eighth grade took home assignments concerning their own 'activity pyramid' to self-assess their physicality, while the first and second graders looked closely at snack foods, habits, and behavior as well as snacking relationships to home-life with a take-home family assignment with their parents.


Good playing last week as Gabriel played a though played game at Resurrection.

Next month is winter sports for girls basketball and boys soccer. Come out and support your school and join your classmates this season. Let's talk amongst the school and form teams for both sports. Last year girls basketball came out as champions so let's try for a repeat this season.

Boys soccer is coming also so if interested remember we need a team of 11 for our own team at CAS.

Remember that the registration for Winter sports is the week of December 15th. Sports will be starting the end of January.

Email me to put your student on the team list.

Thank you,

Andrew Terry

Extended Care

With a new year comes new opportunities personally and professionally, does your work/job have changes in store for you? If so, room is still available on most days should your need for Extended Care become a factor. See Mr. Lee or Mrs. Placencia to help you find a program that is right for you in the new year!

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