How are dogs similar to humans? By Jillian and ROcianna

How do dogs react to commands from unknown/known people?

Dogs are very smart in their own way. They behave in such a way that humans don't always understand. No matter the person, the dog chooses who it will listen to. A dog will listen to the tone of your voice. The dog is more likely to sit for a calm, more relaxed tone because the tone shows your attitude towards the dog. At first hand, the dog can recognize your attitude by the tone of your voice. Your dog may not understand the words coming out of your mouth but more social cues, like your body language or intonation of your voice. To learn the command the dog is introduced to the command and also a hand signal. The truth is dogs reactions vary on your emotion, we showed this through Jillian a person my dog has never met to ask him commands. Then I asked him a command and we varied the tone in our voice to show this.

It has been debated that dogs cannot recognize what humans say but merely recognize the words used and the tone of voice and pitch that the word is said in. And of course the fact that with certain words also come lots of treats. But recent studies from a group of Hungarian scientists disagree. They say that dogs can fully understand what you’re telling them. Apparently, dogs use the same sides of their brain to process words, intonation and grammar.

How do dogs react to similar situations as humans?

Dogs are in a way smarter than us humans. Dogs notice our behavior, just like kids watch your parents make choices.A study was shown that babies start judging humans and how they react. The exact same as dogs. The dog has become sensitive to a pattern of our actions. Have you ever noticed when you meet someone you shake their hand, and ask a few questions. Dogs do the same thing, instead of shaking hands they sniff their surroundings and the other dog. Frank De Waal says "Chances are that if these animals can detect cooperative tendencies in human actors, they also can in their fellow primates,” he says. Dogs’ long relationship with humans means they’ve evolved to be extremely sensitive to our behaviour – not just to the dog, but also to other humans. And our own sense of morality may even have its roots in these sorts of primitive evaluations of others." Dogs are mankinds best friend showing the personality and actions of a human in an animals body.

Why are dogs similar to humans?

My dog is friendly and reminds me of a very wild child. More and more dog owners are noticing humans and dogs similaritys. Maya from National Geographic describes the actions of a dog that makes them so alike; a dog is able to read facial directions and can be very transparent when the dog is jealous, and a dog can display a major characteristic of a human, empathy. Over long periods of time, your dog begins to learn and favor certain characteristics of you. Then the dog just as a human learns how to behave, just as kids do with their parents.

Dogs can think just like human children. “They probably have the brain cognition of a three to five year old human.” Says Dr. Jill Sackman, a clinician in behavioral medicine and senior medical director of BluePearl Veterinary Partners’ Michigan hospitals. Dogs can tell we’re trying to show them something when we point to something. They can tell which bowl of food you’d give them has more in it. They can respond to familiar voices, words and phrases they have heard before.

How are dogs benificial to relationships?

Dogs and humans bond very well together. Dogs bring many great possibilities to humans. According to Sarah from Daily Mail Science, she discovered a claim from U.S. Scientists showing people who care for some sort of animal tend to have better relationships and boost connections. A survey also showed it causes more people to beinvolved with the communities. Humans dont only benifit dogs they benifit us. Dogs also can create healthy physically active havits, which gradually results to being more socially fit.

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