It's Her Life by: mercedes

Morgan along with her class attend a lecture in Franklin Hall. Everyone politely clapped at the end of the lecture. ''We have to take notes'' she said ''we will use it later.''

Morgan waits for her close friend, Angel, to walk with her to their classroom. She watched her pack her supplies in her bag and patiently wait. ''

She sees the Wylie Hall and a smile is drawn across her face. It was tiring walking from one building to the other. ''It's too tiring to walk in IU,'' she said

Morgan and her classmates focus on their story for their news writing workshop. After having struggled, she decided to wait for her teacher to explain. ''it's a lot of work to write a story'' she said ''we still need to write two more.''

Morgan and her friends head to eat lunch outside of IU. They decided to eat some chicken wings in a very famous place. ''I wasn't feeling so good,'' Morgan said ''I didn't enjoy my lunch.''

Morgan tries to enjoy her lunch by talking to her friend Namratha. They both were surprised with how good Namratha's sandwich looked. "How do they do that?" said Mogan to Namratha "do they engrave the writing it by hand?"

With a smile on her face, the upcoming freshman, walks to her next class. Her mood had slightly cheered up after lunch. "the painkillers are slowly lifting my mood," Morgan said.

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