The Heritage House By isaac

Dr.clarks kitchen

In Dr.clarks kitchen there are things like a stove,ice box,irons,and much much more.

In the kitchen the wall is a light shade of blue.There was a ice box which was basically a fridge but very old. There was a lid which you open and it has a block of ice in it. The way it gets in there is with a sign that said 25, 50, 75, 100 lbs of ice. The ice man is the one who delivers the ice. Under that is a door which has food in it. There are also Irons that were made of stone. They spent hours and hours ironing. And moms were the ones who did it. They had to push really hard to iron

First of all, we did not have a bath tub in our kitchen,obviously. They had ice boxes but today we have refrigerators. They had pie safes and we have cabinets. They have jar openers and we'll,we have jar openers but it's less complicated. You get the point.

I prefer my kitchen because it's a lot more modern.And there's microwaves, ovens, and stoves which are a lot easier to work with. The last reason is because I do not want anyone watching me shower.

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