My Local Government : Town of Chase Jenna binkowski

Address of town hall: 8481 County Road S, Pulaski WI

New fire truck; Gary Vanlannen reported the town of chase was the only manicapality to vote "no" on the purchase of a new fire truck.

Rock oil; using rock oil for hauling waste oil.

Wages for hourly workers; increased hourly workers wage by $1.00

Barn rental; rental fees would be reduced.

One oak barn; One oak barn was passed onto Oconto County

I agree with the decision they made to decrease the prices for the Stone barn rental.

Stone barn rental; my local government is decreasing the rental price for the Stone barn so more people can afford the rental prices and use the barn. The Stone barn is an important historical site for the town of Chase. The solution to the problem was that they did decrease the prices and I agree,with what they did. More people will rent the Stone barn because it will be cheaper and they will make. Ore money since more people are renting it . It is like a win, win situation beacuse the people have to pay less and the town will get more money.

Map of municipality :

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