Musk Mallow Malvas

It is believed that malva moschata, a medicinal herb, was introduced to North America by early settlers. All part of the plant can be eaten or made into tea. In my garden, they are simply ornamental.

I have shared these hardy annuals with family and friends, but none survived. They suit my more relax gardening style. The seed heads are left in place for the birds and to reseed. Sometimes the sprouts need to be transplanted to protect them from foot traffic.

Malva moschata

Whites and pinks have adorned my garden for nearly two decades.

Malva Sylvestris, Paestum, Italy

To reach Paestum from our hotel we travelled by train. From the station to the ancient Greek city, we passed private gardens and vacant lots. I recognized the mallow immediately.

Created By
Joanne Mckinnon


Joanne McKinnon