Lilo & Stitch By Alejandra Hernandez

My Rating is 5 to 5

The story of the movie take place in Hawaii

Summary of the movie:Summary of the movie: Stitch is a little alien that arrive to Hawaii after to escape of Galactic Federation. He meet Lilo, a girl that live with her older sister Nani. She adopt him thinking that he is a dog. With the time Stitch become in part of their family and Lilo try to teach him how to be a good citizen. The other aliens try to catch Stitch and take him back to the space, but in the trying they cause many problems for Nani and Lilo. Lilo is catch with Stitch but he achieve to escape and the begin the adventure for safe Lilo and take her back to the home.

Who is your favorite character and why? My favorite Character is Lilo because I think that she is a very brave girl because she lost her parents and she never give up for this event. Also when she meet Stitch, she always try to help him for be a good citizens and never feel bad for the estrange that be her dog and best friend.

Did you like this movie? Why or why not? Yes I like this movie because I think that is very entertaining and is a movie for every members of a family. This movie is very funny and have scenes where teach what is the value of a family.

Who would you recommend this movie to and why? I recommend this movie to little kids because is a excellent movie for them. Also this movie have great language, songs and scenes for them.

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