The Great and Amazing ocean. BY:WALKER SMITH

Did you know that most of the oxygen comes from the ocean. The ocean environment is a huge body of salt water. The ocean water tastes awful. Abiotic is nonliving things like rocks,sand,and water biotic is living things like sharks,clown fish,sea snakes,and lopers. The ocean contains a lot of lives.

Abiotic and biotic factors are nonliving and living things in the ocean. Abiotic are nonliving things like sand,rocks,water. Biotic are living things like sharks,slugs,and seaweed.

Here's a video about the ocean.

Here's some whales and fish
Here's a fish swimming
This fish is a huge fish

Man's effect on the ocean can be really dangerous to animals in the ocean. When people litter ,that's bad for the ocean because the fish might get stuck and die in the litter. They hunt for endangered animals like the blue whale which takes animals out of the food chain.

These two dolphins playing

Producers consumers and decomposes in the ocean help the food chain work. Producers make their own food like seaweed. Consumers eat plants meat or both. For example shraks eat meat. Decomposes eat off of dead animals like sea worms and ship wroms.

Here's a map with the oceans.


Ship wroms. A ship wrom is a marine bivalve mollusk in the family teredinidae.

Food chain. A example of the food Cain is the grasshopper gets food from the grass the bird eats the grasshopper a bigger bird eats the little bird

Oxygen. The air we breath.

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