Skyes Adventure! Created by: Grace Wilcox

Hi my name is Skye, and today is my 16th Birthday! That means tomorrow is my first day of going down to explore the world and go through the water cycle!

On that day me and my parents were talking, "Do you have everything?" Said my mom.

"Gees mom you don't always exspect me to be you little snugglebunnny anymore!" Skye referenced.

"Just promise us you'll be careful." My Dads voice sounded really weary and scared of something.

"Ok Dad I promise I will try and be as safe as possible." I spoke.

The next second later, SWOOSH! And both of them just vanished out of thin air!!!! "Mom, Dad were did you go?" I screeched. "I must go find them!" "But that looks like to big of a drop for me! I thought.

"Give it a shot" a randmom droplets encouraged me. The next thing I know it SWISH! I thought I was condensating down the sky, to a to a big blue thingy my parents called, "an ocean." It looked like the smallest jelly bean in the last bag you would buy. Just then I saw a whole bunch of other rain drops falling down with me! "Oh man does it seem like that blue thingy is getting bigger and bigger!" I squealed.

The next thing I know I'm on the ground of the ocean! "Man is it cool down here, maybe I'll just explore this place for awhile.

Ok from all this exploring I'm kinda hungry. Maybe I could eat at the Ocean Cafe Delight.

"Hey Honey, would you like some refreshing juice or something?"

"Oh yes I would, thank you"

"Here you go," zip all the way down all the other table nearly nocking there food off there tables, and the glass almost fell off my table right before I was able to catch it!

"Hey why did you do that?"

"I do this every time there's a new person here!" " Hay sugar you wanna have some Rapatio with that fish?"

"Umm sure." I never had RPatio before so this would be interesting.

" One....Two.....Three......"

"OMG OMG OMG OMG ITS REALLY REALLY HOT!!!!!!!!" I screeched. It was so hot the Rapatio was a hot hot chili!

Right after that a strange man yelled, " Perfect pieces of pizza to pass around for all the people!"And everyone clapped and screeched after that! One thousand years later, "Man that was so cool seeing all of those things swimming around like that!" " Well I better go explore somewhere else Humm, maybe I'll evaporate over to the river and take a turn to the ground water flow, and maybe see all those pink scormy things." I thought.

"You know what, maybe I should condensate up to the clouds. Maybe my Mom and Dad will be there." I hoped.

The next thing I know, glub, glub, glub, glub. "Wow the world looks soooo cool up here!" I pronounced.......... But a second later I noticed all the clouds were gone! "Where are all the clouds? It's like that all just ran away from me!" All I wanted to do was cry instead of sticking my head in the pink, blue, purple, and red. But for right now I just had to chace them all around so I evaporated up, up, up, until I caught up to them.

Three years later I finally caught up to the clouds and I couldn't wait to see my Mom and Dad again. The next second later, Kerplunk! "I'm in the clouds!" Man do I miss it up here.

"Mom, Dad is that you?"

"Skye?" Yelled my Mom.

"I thought I lost you forever," running up and hugging them both.

"Oh honey that's just the part of the water cycle!" My Dad spoke sarcasticly.

"Wait what......does that happen on a regular basis?"

"Yep! All the time." Spoke my Mom.

"Oh.....okay, now I get the water cycle, it never ends. Even if it takes a million years!" I exclaimed.

As for Skye,, she keeps going in the water cycle for the rest of her life and even finds herself a boyfriend named George!

Onehundred years later, " Goodluck Jenifer."

"Thanks mom I love you guys."

"Be safe honey." Spoke George.

"I will I love you both bye!" Spoke Jennifer as she shot out of the clouds like popcorn.

The End

Created By
Grace Wilcox

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