Outcome #4 Exams

Learning Outcome #4

Post-Test Analysis & Office Hours Visit

This is a post-test analysis from where i went and talked to my math professor about my second exam
This is the signed copy of my post-test anaylsis

Study and Test Taking Plan

I will go to the PAL sessions on Mondays and Thursdays to get help in understanding the material taught in class. I will look through the previous exams and make practice sets to help me have random questions that will make me think more about the material. I will start studying a little earlier for this exam and I will spend an hour studying and practicing during the week and I will study and practice at least 2 hours on the weekend. I will try to employ a strategy where if I am stuck on a problem for a few minutes I will skip it and come back when I’ve finished. I have used this in the past for exams and it helped because I found similar questions that I was able to understand and complete and I was able to rethink the question I skipped and it helped me complete most questions I wasn’t able to answer the first time around.


I think that this was a good way to evaluate where I went wrong in preparing for my exam and what I could do to better prepare for the next exam. I think that the form is helpful for charting the errors in my work and gives me an effective way to review what type of errors I made so when I am studying and practicing for my exam I can be sure to not make the same mistakes again. I learned that I need to focus more on the formulas because I tend to get some of them mixed up in my head.

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