Product Updates (2020) Updated 11/2019

In-grade certified for swimming pool installation

Underwater lighting, especially for swimming pool installations, is required to adhere to a stricter set of standards due to safety reasons and the extraordinarily corrosive operating environment.

MP Lighting has achieved the balance between these technical requirements and the aesthetic appeal through a combination of thorough design, fine selection of corrosion-resistant materials and well-controlled manufacturing process.

Image features U366

Architectural Wood Finishes

A solution to achieve the wood look with lower maintenance and higher design flexibility:

  • Durable, easy for maintenance
  • Textured surfaces resemble the appearance and textures of wood
  • Adds a stylish touch to the space design
  • Can be applied to a wide range of products comparing to a limited range due to the wood restrictions in creating form and weight load
  • Available in Walnut and White Oak

Image features P96L with Walnut finish

L770 Stair lights

Product Link | Specification Sheet

  • Completely recessed into concrete
  • Clean look and no tripping hazard
  • Comes with a mounting kit to assist with installation

L150 Windowsill lights

Product Link | Specification Sheet

  • Small but powerful for highlighting window frame
  • 3W, black anodized finished. IP 66.

Wine Rack System

New finish for L182

  • New Bronze Anodized finish

New version L183 with enhanced rail

  • Thicker rail profile for higher floor-to-ceiling application
  • Higher bottle capacity

L114 Linear

Product Link | Specification Sheet

With small profile and no visible screws, L114 will give the application a clean look. From 2W to 10W per foot, this luminaire will provide sufficient lighting whether it is a tabletop display or floor-to-ceiling glass cabinet.

Available in Matte Clear Anodized finish.

L166 Linear

Product Link | Specification Sheet

Designed with a louver, the light source in this linear appears much more discreet and barely detectable. Ideal for lighting a display or reading area.

12W per foot. Available in Matte Clear Anodized and various color temperature options.


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