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So you want to become a purposeful company?

You need to answer three questions then:

  • What is it that you do?
  • How do you do it?
  • Why do you do the things you do?

Whereas the latter question, the ‘Big Why’, is the most important one.

Getting Started

Getting Started

The first step in becoming a purposeful company is the discovery of your WHY.

The approach we take is founded in two visions:

  1. look at your company from a customer perspective, and see what's relevant (or not)
  2. get rid of the non-essential communication that is hampering your credibility.
Set Up: workshops for 4 half days with your management team (C-level).

Output: an inspiring purpose with all associated consequences listed.

Getting it done

The next step is the HOW.

This is about how you will organise your company in order to deliver upon your purpose. This includes amongst others:

  • (renewed) purposeful leadership
  • selection of pilot group (ambassadors)
  • get more autonomy on the work floor
  • involvement and engagement of employees
  • focus on results
Set Up: custom made workshops, training and coaching to deliver the purpose in day to day activities
Feet on the ground

The third and last step involves the WHAT.

It is about our everyday behaviour, attitude, actions, etc. What we do to make our purpose a unique and authentic experience for our customers.

This step requires a management environment that allows for error, albeit with a focus on learning and improving.

Set Up: custom made coaching and training for everybody involved in customer facing roles.

After going through these three steps, your company has become (but still needs to maintain!) a purposeful company.

Customers, we care about them.

Customers that made it to a purposeful business life are, amongst others:

Atlas Copco, Carl Zeiss Vision, Graydon, Gamma, Vega, Damart, Sumitomo Hansen, ALD Automotive, Desso, Dr Oetker, the members of Carl Zeiss Academy, VDFin, ING Private Banking, Oil & Vinegar, Alcatel Lucent, Proximus, ...

Get in contact with us to discover how you can make a difference by becoming a purposeful company.

M.: +32 498 128 736

E.: dm@talent-monitor.com

Twitter: @TalentMonitor

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Dirk Minnebo

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