Digital Media by sophie raphael

This was my first attempt at the Humans of Lab project. Looking back on it (and at the time) I realized that this was not my best work. The text was not big or clear enough and the editing is splotchy.
This is my final product for the Humans of Lab project. I like how the photo fades as the text comes in, drawing the focus to the text. At the same time, her face appears bright and clear. This project took me a long time to get one that I liked, but I think it was important for me to see how happy I was with the outcome in the end.
I liked the imperfection of this one, which is something that, as a perfectionist, is not always something i experience. I applied a black and white filer and then wiped it away on the parts of the sweater, but I also left parts of the edges subtly colored for persepctive.
This is my first attempt at the Superimpose project. I was generally unhappy with the flow of this one and thought it had no real meaning which bothered me. It helped me for final product because I learned how to work with the app.
This is my final Superimpose project. I like it more than the other one because it has more meaning to me and I also just find it generally more appealing to look at. I used filters and a border to help fix the things that i didn't like about the previous version.
This was my first attempt at the Art Set project. I knew what I wanted to do, but my drawing skills aren't always as sharp as they could be. I got pretty frustrated with this because the image was so clear in my mind but i just couldn't execute it.
I used the zoom feature and a smaller pencil to make this one. Even though it was simple, it fit my original image in my mind and I was very happy with it. It felt good to finally get it right, and even though it was just drawing monsters, it applies to everyday life too. Making changes and not giving up can lead to my overall goal.


Created with images by Emanuele Comotti - "Mountain"

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