Career Research Project By Joe Meyer

My two Naviance interests were being a police detective and being a crime scene investigator.A four letter personality type that describes me is Nice. Each letter has its own personality trait. The n stands for nice, the i stands for intelligent, the c stands for courageous and the e stands for efficient.

The career I have selected is a police detective. I selected this job because I feel like my interests reflect back to being a police detective. In this career their job is to protect peoples lives and jail criminals.

To become a police detective you need to have a high school diploma as well as a college degree. You also need to graduate from your colleges agency training academy. You must be a U.S. citizen and you must be able to pass a physical and personal qualification. I feel like these requirements are an accurate way to be able to qualify for the job.

One college that has what I want to major UMASS. This college is located in Massachusetts, Boston. Another college that offers my major is Northeastern university located in Massachusetts, Boston . The university of Albany also offers my major. The university of Albany is located in New York. Another college that has my major is Florida state located in Tallahassee.

To get prepared to get this job in the future, in high school I can take a citizen law class. I can also take business management. These classes will help me get a feel for the job. I also need to go to college that has criminal justice classes.

A police detective has to do many things such as invest in criminal investigations. They also have to be able to find criminals and be able to bring them into jail. The work atmosphere is very intense because their is always something going on as a police officer. You also need to be prepared for any emergency calls because anything can happen at any moment.

While researching this job I learned that to become a police officer you need a high school diploma as well as experience in criminal investigations and law enforcement classes in college. you also need to have a college diploma.

This rate is slower then average average rate. I think it is slower because this job comes along with many responsibilities as well as many hours on the job.

The median pay is $60,270 per year and $28.97 per hour. The top earners make about $60,270 per year while the law enforcement workers make about $52,070. All the pay is around where I expected it to be.

After doing research on this job I am still very interested I am interested because I like helping people and and the pay is good. The thing that might worry me the most is the unexpected additional hours I would have to work if I became an officer. A question i have is, Which state pays the most money to be an officer. I want to have this career because it interests me. I also want to do a job that I like and I would like to be a police officer.

If things don't work out and I don't get this job, I really like sports so I would want to be a physical education teacher and or a coach. I would also maybe want to go into something associated with sports marketing or analysis.


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