marriage (is good!)

married couples have healthier hearts than those of single people.

Couples who are involved in a healthy and mature relationship share a responsibility to each other. They are responsible for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so that their spouse is not left alone while they are dealing with a multitude of heath problems. Their is an underlying need for health within a marriage.

The risk of domestic VIOLENCE decreases.

2/3 of domestic violence cases occur outside the bond of marriage.

Bachelors were four times more likely to be violent-crime victims than husbands

"As one scholar sums up the relevant research: "Regardless of methodology, the studies yielded similar results: cohabitors engage in more violence than spouses.""

Married couples engage in better sex...and more sex.

Out of all groups, married couples reported that sex with their spouses was better and more often then sex outside of marriage.

50% of married men report sex with their spouse as "extremely satisfying physically"

Only 39% of cohabiting men chose the same choice in the survey. (extremely satisfying physically)

marriage creates a better support system.

Marriage is (legally) a bond between two people. However, marriage is also, (emotionally) a bond between two people.

When interviewed, doctors argued that patients, especially those with serious illnesses, such as cancer, with a supportive spouse were much more likely to heal and heal faster than that of a single or non-married person.

Marriage creates accountability.

Normal, healthy, humans thrive in structured environments. By structured I mean, clear lines about what is expected and what is required.

In marriages, couples are constantly policing each other, and enforcing the so called "boundaries." Couples demand accountability from their spouses.

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