PDST - Primary Language Curriculum E- Bulletin 1

In this, the first of a series of e-Bulletins, we have outlined some resources and activities which may be used to enrich language learning experiences.

This e-Bulletin will have a focus on Oral Language, Learning Outcome 12. Description, Prediction and Reflection, with a particular emphasis on the skills and language of describing.

There is scope for these activities and resources to be used or adapted when addressing other Learning Outcomes. Some examples are included on the task cards below.

Learning Outcome 12. Description, Prediction and Reflection

Below you will find a series of task cards which contain suggestions for learning experiences that relate to Learning Outcome 12. Description, Prediction and Reflection. We would encourage you to download these cards and adapt them to suit the needs of your class.

Task Card 1: Using a Describing Bubble to engage with Learning Outcome 12. Description, Prediction and Reflection

Teaching children about the skill of description and providing them with opportunities to enhance their description skills is critically important to their overall literacy development. Effective description skills will facilitate pupils to convey in words the characteristics, attributes, appearance, etc., of something. Modelling and sharing descriptive oral pieces will assist pupils to identify description, exercise their own describing skills, enrich their own oral and written pieces and recognise how description adds vibrancy, colour and life to their work and the work of others. With regard to description, Stephen Graham’s work may be valuable to assist children to develop their describing skills at all class levels.

Task Card 2: Using Explorify to engage with Learning Outcome 12. Description, Prediction and Reflection

You can access this resource at: https://explorify.wellcome.ac.uk/. Click on ‘activities’ and search for an activity named ‘Zoom in, Zoom Out’.

This feature will faciliate rich discussion to promote the skill of description- sample questions are included in the task card below.

PDST has created sample vocabulary for teaching Spoken Text Types. These can be accessed by clicking the links below:

Task Card 3: Describing Characters

This matching game can be adapted to suit several of the Learning Outcomes e.g. describing vocabulary for characters or settings (L.O. 12), and reminds us of the power of illustration in the acquisition of language.

Is féidir é a úsáid i mBéarla nó i nGaeilge, agus cabhraíonn sé chun forbairt a dhéanamh ar an dteanga.

Task Card 4: Cluichí Foclóra chun treisiú ar Chur Síos

Is suíomh gréasáin iontach é StudyStack (www.studystack.com) chun cluichí ar líne simplí a chumadh, chun treisiú ar an bhfoclóir atá múinte. Is fiú go mór an dua saor-chuntas a chruthú, é sin nó a mhúineadh dos na páistí conas na "study stacks" a chruthú dóibh féin.

Task Card 5: Video to support language acquisition

This video illustrates a number of strategies used to support language acquisition, by employing a team teaching approach. These strategies could enrich learning experiences for a number of Learning Outcomes e.g. Learning Outcome 2. Motivation and Choice, Learning Outcome 5. Vocabulary, Learning Outcome 12. Description, Prediction and Reflection.

Task Card 6: Vocabulary Games to reinforce Describing

Here are some games which can be used to reinforce some of the skills for Learning Outcome 12. Description, Prediction and Reflection (with particular focus on description) and Learning Outcome 5. Vocabulary.


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