The Renaissance By Gisela Guerra

Marco Polo and the Silk Road

The reopening of the Silk Road helped spark the Renaissance.The reopening of the Silk Roads had incredible impact on Europe. After centuries in the dark ages, where peasants lived in poverty and literacy was low , suddenly new wealth came flowing into Europe. The need for merchants to handle the import and export business created a middle class, and that money spread throughout society.

Marco Polo and the mongol emperor kublai khan
Where Marco Polo traveled
This is Marco Polo

Italian trade cities

Medici Family

Cosimo de Medici valued education. After all,his banks needed workers who could read, write, and understand math. To improve education, he also built libraries and collected books. During the time the Medici family held power, Florence became the center of the arts and culture.

Rediscovering the Past (Greek and Roman )

Rediscovering the past of many ancient writing that Europeans thought had been lost. The precious work of literature that was the scholars from Byzantine empire that came to Italy. Many classical works came from Greek and Rome. During the Renaissance artists and architects were still around. On display were and are classical statues there. The Renaissance artists studies were these ancient statues and have tired to make their work similar to the artists work.

Leonardo dA vinci

It talks about his early life, his career,what he did and his later years in life as we know.


This video talks about what mackelangelo work his did

Paper and printing

This is what they did in the 1500s to the 1600s

In the Renaissance ideas in their work they would also use the languages to their country. William Shakespeare was the greatest writer from the Renaissance age in the language of English. The famous William Shakespeare wrote poems and plays he has wrote more than 30 comedies ,tragedies, and histories. In the late ages of 1500s and the early age of 1600s the theatre was packed by Shakespeare people have enjoyed the beauty of Shakespeare's language and his understanding of humanity.

O Romeo,Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo.

If thou wilt not ,be but sworn my love.

Both from Romeo and Juliet


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