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Web Chat - Customer to Customer

Web Chat is one of the important software which increase website's interactivity which can be company to company, customer to company and customer to customer. Zara provides 24x7 chat for customers if they have any enquiries however, they do not allow customers to chat with each other.

Benefits of Customer to Customer Chat

Customers can get advantage of Web chat as it can help them to share product experience and find suggestions from other customers as Community is one of the important factor mentioned by Rayport and Jaworski (2001). Moreover, Zara can allow customers to comment and rate their products which can be helpful for them to find which are the product lines are doing perfect and which needs a change. It can also allow customers to get convenient way of getting product reviews as they do not need to go on Social Media platforms or look anywhere else.

Use of Context:

'Zara' Website Homepage (Zara, 2017)

Nathan and Yeow (2011) provided the importance of using right colours in literature. Zara's sometime posts background pictures on their home page which make their Menu list hard to read due to colour match. For instance, the colour of background picture is similar to their Menu options. Therefore, Zara should try to avoid it as it makes hard for customers to read and they can be irritated with this context.

Outcomes and Conclusions

It was found in analysis that company have some problems with the context and Community engagement within website. therefore, use of web chat for customer to customer can improve their Community engagement and create awareness for Brand. It also can help to achieve competitive advantage as there are some other retailers who do not feature web chat in their website. Lastly, use of pictures with light background on their homepage can improve their website Content.

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