Father Miguel Martinez Figueroa Honoring #HeroPriests

Father Miguel Martinez Figueroa (Archdiocese of Chicago '01), Santa Maria del Popolo, Mundelein, IL

Submitted by: James Stubing

Fr. Miguel got in contact with our parishioners to figure out a plan of how he could successfully open Santa Maria up to have masses, confession, baptism, weddings and funerals at church without endangering any of the parishioners. He started out by first live-streaming masses so we could feel that the parish was still here for us.

Secondly, he formed a committee to come up with the best safety precautions to allow us to come back to Mass. I am very proud of all the hard work and dedication Fr. Miguel put in to get us back as a functioning parish. God Bless his hard work. Father showed me that with Jesus at our side we can do anything. Faith, love and charity keeps the Church alive and running.

I hope and pray that there are more men willing to be priests like Fr. Miguel.