Disney's Frozen by Naseem Sabokopey

Frozen is a 3D computer-animated musical fantasy film by Walt Disney
Frozen had inspire me to draw human figures today, before I used to just animals and dragons. I've been practicing drawing humans for four years.

I grew up with Disney when I was five years old.

Frozen was release in theaters in 2013 which it was after Disney Wrek-it- Ralph.
Frozen was based on a fairy tail called "The Snow Queen" that it was written by Hans Christian Andersen
Elsa the Snow Queen was voice by the famous musical actor Idina Menzel who played as Elphaba from the Broadway Musical "Wicked"
In the song "Let it Go" it won two academy awards for best oringnal song

I was so happy that Frozen won a lot of movie awards.

Whenever I feel unhappy or upset I listened to " Let it Go" .

Before The Lion King was my first favorite Disney Movie, then it became my second favorite after Frozen.
I adore Frozen so much that I have collect props such as a sketchbook, blanket, pop figure, and a Nintendo 3Ds carrying case.
In the Frozen Blue-Ray you see a deleted scenes were Elsa was originally a villainous in the movie!

Frozen got really famous that it was still in theaters from Fall of 2013 to late Spring of 2014.

Frozen was in ABC's Once Upon of Time
In January 2015 the Blue-Ray disc had became all time best selling in the United States
They had made a short film "Spring Feaver" premiered on March 13, 2015, with Disney's Cinderella 2015.

On Halloween time I was Anna and my sister Nasrin Elsa

Every time I watched it I think of me and Nasrin were both sisters and always stick together no matter what.

I'm like Elsa because I get anxiety when something pressures me especially school work, and we both have special skills and have good heart. Elsa is good at her ice power and I'm good at drawing.

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