David & Tim's Australian Honeymoon April 2016

David and Tim will begin their first adventure together as a married couple on April 3, 2016. They will experience many thrills and cultural events in the beautiful cities of Sydney and Cairns. Both David and Tim are avid divers and look forward to diving the Great Barrier Reef.

Fly from Los Angeles to Sydney Australia.
Welcome to Beautiful Sydney

Check in to the beautiful Fours Seasons Hotel

Enjoy a day at the Taronga Zoo

Dinner at Sydney tower Level 2 Buffet

Opera Tonight

Enjoy a guided tour of Sydney Opera House

Relax under the stars and enjoy Puccini's opera Turandot with the Sydney Opera House as your backdrop

Twilight Bridge Climb up the Sydney Bridge

You both are very, very brave!

Drivers in cars wondering why tourists want to climb their bridge

You Did It!! Take in this once in a lifetime view!

Fly to Cairns.

The Coral Sea
So beautiful!

Check into the beautiful Shangri-La Hotel.

Great Barrier Reef
Map of the Great Barrier Reef

Time for your scuba dive with Quick Silver to the Outer Reef.

Today you will go to Daintree Forest, Cape Tribulation, and Bloomfield Track. Hopefully you get to taste the Daintree ice-cream

Snorkel Time

Time to pack and wave bye bye to Australia

Debi Kasen


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