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To be a good citizen means to follow and obey personal rights and political rights. One personal right you have to follow is the Freedom of speech, which means you have to respect other people's thoughts, and let them speak for themselves. A political right you have to follow is Right to Vote. People can vote if they want and for whoever they want, and you have to respect that. Being a good citizen also means taking care of your responsibilities, such as personal duties and social duties. A personal duty you have to do is pay taxes, and that is a responsibility you don't have a choice on. A social duty you should follow is the responsibility to tolerate others. If you follow these rights and responsibilities, you will be a good citizen.

This represents a good citizen because we have the right to vote, and we are expected to vote. Voting is being a good citizen.

What is the difference between unlimited and limited government forms of government? The difference between limited and unlimited forms of government is that in limited government, you only have a certain amount of power, where as unlimited, you have no limit on what you can do. Also, limited governments allow people to be free, and unlimited government has complete control over citizens lives. An example of limited government is when you have a democracy. Citizens can vote, and be free, under the president's power. The president has only a certain amount of power, and cannot have complete control over the country. A country that has limited government is the United States of America. The people there have the right to vote, and the president respects them. An example of unlimited government is dictatorship. There is one ruler, and citizens don't get to vote for him. He controls everything and can do whatever he wants. A country that has unlimited government was Germany, back when Adolf hitler was dictator. He ruled everything, and citizens didn't get a say. Unlimited government is very different from limited government. Most times, limited works better, and is more fair for everyone

This "equal" sign represents limited government, which I thought no is a more fair and equal way to be.


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