The Journey Introduction to 2017

Amazing news! Aun has become a Christian. We first met Aun 10 months ago. A few weeks ago before he became a Christian, I asked him, "How has your mindset towards Christianity changed since you've met us?"

I thought Christianity was impossible, but as I have been around you guys there are many things I can apply to my life.
Party for the students. We presented him with a cake. 19 years old.

Thank you all for your prayers! I hope this answer to prayer encourages your faith in God as it has mine. Please continue to pray for Aun as he begins to understand more and more what it means to follow Christ.

2017 Road Map

A group of students and staff from Australia came for the month of January. This allowed us to reconnect with students much quicker. I hope it helped their Cross Cultural Experience (CCP) as well. Please pray that we would be able to follow up with these students.

This month the team and I will be going through assessment. The main purpose is to help guide us into our future. They will be looking through my personality, impactful life events, and peer evaluations to give me useful advice for the future. Please pray that God would lead them and give them words of wisdom. Also, that we would be open to their advice and suggestions.

This semester we are teaching English Monday and Tuesday nights. Monday nights we teach students that are attached to our ministry. On Tuesday nights we teach in the Engineering Faculty. God has continued to give us favor in this faculty. We will be teaching every Tuesday night until August of this year. Every four weeks we will have another set of 100 students coming through the 4-week English class. Praise God for bringing students to us. Please pray that God will use this to bring the Gospel to them and that they would walk away having learned some english.

At the end of this semester we will be receiving another American CCP like we did last year. I will be helping lead them throughout their time here. They will be helping us teach English in two capacities. One with the Engineering English Camp we do with the Engineering department. Secondly, they will help us connect with students on campus and teach English during our camp. Please pray for them as they prepare, raise support, and travel. Please pray that God will help me lead them well.

Fun events of late

The picture above was taken after some students helped us paint.

Bottom Left to Right: Mam, James, Beam, Pop

These guys invited me to go to the Business Fair. It is similar to the county fair grounds. There were stands selling food and games you could play. I feel like these are very important moments in developing a friendship with these guys. Please pray that these guys would be more open to spiritual things. It has been very hard to try and share with them.

I'm looking forward to the blessings and opportunities this new year will bring. Thank you for your continued prayer and support! If you have anything you would like me to pray for please email me here: Thank you again!

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