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Have you ever tried sports? Well, do you know one called gymnastics? Thats right gymnastics is a sport. It’s amazing and sometimes fun. It takes lots of practice and confidence. There are many events in gymnastics like the balance beam, the vault, and the floor. There are also famous American gymnasts that have won medals in the Olympics. There is one more event that is my favourite and that is the bars! Keep on reading to learn more about gymnastics!

Gymnastics Beam

It is scary when you lean, because you are walking on the balance beam! Be careful walking on the balance beam because you can fall over and hurt yourself! But don’t worry, you will have a coach to help you with everything!

A balance beam is brown, long, big, small, thin, tall. A balance beam helps you with your balance and balance is really hard. A balance beam is its’ own event.

The most thing you should care about is the way you lean because if you lean right you fall right. If you lean left, you fall left. If you lean forward, you fall forward and nobody wants that to happen. I Have fallen before and trust me you do not want that to happen.

Fun fact: I learned that the hard way. Once I was on the beam I kept on looking left and I fell left and I hurt my ankle. It took a long time to heal. It taught me never to lean on the beam! It takes lots of practice.

Gymnastics Floor

Boom! You just landed a back handspring on the floor! The gymnastics floor is My favorite because i can do a front flip with the teacher helping me.

I wonder what the floor looks like, what you can do on the floor, and what women's floor events are? On the gymnastics floor you should be careful or you might break something! We don’t want that to happen.

The gymnastics floor is made out of soft foam. It is a little bouncy. The floor colour is white and red. When you do competition you can not go on the red! The red means that you are out of bounds.

On floor you get to do many types of flips like back flips, back handsprings, front flips, and front handsprings. You can also do back bridge kick overs, round-offs, and cartwheels.

Just so you know a women's floor exercise is mostly performed by music. The women’s event highlights grace more than strength.

Gymnastics VAULT

Amazing ! You did a perfect handstand flat back! To be able to do vault you need to be able to run fast and you have to believe that you can do it. A vault is something that helps you go higher when you do your flip. Be careful on vault!! Cause you can get hurt. My first time on vault I hurt my ankle.

First in vault you do a twisting turn. Then you leap from the springboard making a quarrotation. Pushing off the horse connecting the rotation to stretch to a leap the flight. Fun fact: don’t hurt yourself.

When you do vault make sure you have a good coach. Because if you don’t have a good coach you can get hurt.Big time!!

Gymnastics Bars

COOL you did a perfect back hip circle off the bar!! I can teach you about the types of bars, flips on bars, and safety on bars.

There are two types of bars. One is small the other is big they are both really light brown.

There are many flips you can do on the bar like toe shoot, jump to high bar. A toe shoot is when you put your feet to the bar you start to swing and lift off the bar. To jump to the high bar you need balance and upper body strength. First you need to pull up next put your foot on the bar then you put your other foot on the bar then stand and jump to the high bar.

Well now sometimes you do need to care about safety because if you if do flips you would land in a FOAM PIT!!!!! Some people may get hurt because some gymnastics places don’t have foam to protect you. Foam is important because if you’re on the high bar you can fall off in the foam and not on the hard ground. Chalk you put on your hands to stop you from getting blisters and so you don’t fall off.

FUN FACT: It is important to have a good coach next to you who can teach you the flips properly.Because when i was 8 once i did a backflip by myself and i hurt my arm

Famous American Gymnasts

Look at those pictures of famous American gymnasts! There are a few women who competed in the Olympics. Their names are Cathy Rigby, Mary Lou Retton, Nadia Comaneci, and Gabby Douglas. I wish i can see them one day

Do you know Cathy Rigby was the first american woman to win a gold medal at the olympics?

Cathy Rigby was born on.December 12,1952.

Fun fact she got best actress Tony nomination for Peter Pan

Another famous gymnast is called, Mary Lou Retton. She was born December 24, 1968. Mary won the American Cup. In 1984, she won the olympics in Los Angeles. She won a gold medal in the women's all around.

Nadia Comaneci was born in 1969. She became the first woman to score a perfect 10 in the olympics. She won the gold medal.

Gabby Douglas was born on December 31, 1995. She started at six years old. She won the chain pain ships. She was the first African American to win gold in the individual All-around event.Fun Fact:I wish i got do see gabby dougles


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