Birmingham Riots By: Julian Jeanotte

What Led to the event happening?

White people were mad that they were trying to integrate schools so they bombed an African American church African Americans then protested over social inequality.

When and where did the Bombing happen?

The Bombing happened on September 15th in 1963 in Birmingham, Alabama at the 16th street Baptist Church.

What was the event trying to accomplish?

The bombing was trying to scare the African American community and the protests were trying to fight for social equality.

What were outcomes / lasting impacts of the event?

Some outcomes of the event were that the media and people saw the way that African American people were being treated in the south and saw how bad it really was down there.

Who was involved?

White supremacist bombed the church and the police and fire department got involved during the riots.

What are the Birmingham riots similar to today?

The Birmingham Riots can be related to the Black Lives Matter protests today because in both cases they are trying to make it where everybody is treated equally.

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