Vitamins and Mineral's By JOnah Armstrong

Water Soluble (Being water soluble is the ability to be dissolved in water.
Vitamin B (Vitamin B Helps the body make new cells) Its found in broccoli and spinach. Its deficiency is Spina Bifida.
Vitamin C Protects the body against infection, its found in oranges and tomatoes and its deficiency is scurvy.
fat soluble means it dissolves in fat. cool.
Vitamin K Helps blood clot normally, its found in dark green leafy vegetables like spinach or kale. its deficiency is bleeding and bruising
Vitamin A Promotes good vision hair and skin. its found in oranges and tomatoes and its deficiency is high blindness risks.
Vitamin D Builds and maintains bones and teeth, its found in sunlight and orange juice. the deficiency risk is Rickets.
Vitamin E Protects the membranes of red and white blood cells. Its found in fruits and veggies and vegetable oil. the Deficiency risk is poor nerve connection.
Calcium Strengthens your muscles and teeth. Its found in milk and other dairy products. the deficiency risk is osteoporosis.
iron helps make red blood cells and helps our muscles store oxygen. its found in meats and leafy greens. the deficiency risk is Anemia.
Sodium/Potassium Maintains fluid balance in the body. its found in salt and fruits and vegetables. its deficiency risk is muscle cramps and irregular heart beat.
Thanks for watching and have a great day. . . . .JONAH


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