gorillas by rhett and colt

Gorillas are amazing creatures, they can be just like humans! They are even in the primate group with orangutang gibbons and chimpanzees! Come with me to find out more about Gorillas!


Grrrrrr! This gorilla is playing with his brother.

There is a giant variety of gorilla behaviors that are super duper awesome. Lets list some down.

mad , sad, happy, playful and sleep. The gorillas within a group eat and relax. That is what I call awesome behavior with gorillas! Some gorillas in troops

Spread out when they eat so they don’t get in a fight

Over food. I mean who would fight over food? Gorillas can be cute and can be mad, but even though they are mostly nice and kind, do not misjudge them, they can be dangerous.

Body parts

Gorillas have many different many different body parts, they mostly use their arms. They use their arms to climb in trees, to wrestle and play. They use there head to eat plants insects and rarely ever meat. There habitat is filled with plants and insects. There teeth are very scary. I Know I would be scared of staring in a gorilla's face with up to 32 sharp teeth! They use their short stubby legs to help them knuckle walk, they don’t usually walk on their back legs. When male gorillas are about the age 12 their hair on their back turns grey or silver. When this happens this gorilla is called a silverback. A silverback is the protector of the troop. Gorillas have big broad shoulders to walk long walks so they don’t get tired, and this makes more space for the baby gorilla to hang onto to the mother's back.


who who who who! The silverback is protecting the troop of gorillas from the only predator which is the leopard.

These gorillas need to survive because they are part of nature. Also if they don’t have any food to eat they can starve to death and die or they can just die.

So we need to stop destroying their habitat and leave them alone and they will survive like us and we live in a habitat and it doesn’t get destroyed by gorillas and we destroy their habitat for food,wood and other kinds of things so let's love them.

Being poached!

Mountain gorillas are endangered for 1 main reason… Being poached! The main reason they are poached for, is their meat, their meat is called taboo, the natives that live in Africa love the taboo that comes from gorillas. They are also killed because the habitat is being destroyed, this is called deforestation. They are also killed for their body parts like their arms, legs and other body parts, they are sold whole for money so they don’t shut down their shop.

You can help save the gorillas by putting up posters or stop buying medicines from gorillas or gorillas antiques or food and so on.so let’s save gorillas!!

Troop: A group of gorillas

Silverback: The leader of the troop

Taboo: The meat of a gorilla


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