Katniss By: Olivia Deal c group

Hanging tree would be the song that my character would listen too because it is about the hunger games and my character actually wrote this song //// lyrics: are you are you coming to the tree, the strung up a man they say who murdered three strange things could happen could a stranger who it be are you are you coming to the tree?

hanging tree song

My name is katniss everdeen. I am 17 yeas old and i am in the hunger games, i am in district 12. I am 5’7 My name comes from a edible plant called Sagittaria, from Sagittarius the Archer, whose name means He that throws arrows in latin. I am in the hunger games to help my family, me and my family have all the supplies we need to survive but i really do not wanna take it from them because i just hunt even though i do not have to. I have olive skin, dark hair and grey eyes. I was born on May 8th. I live in district 12 with my younger sister Primrose who is twelve years old and my mother. My father died in a mining accident when I was eleven years old. My partner in district 12 is peeta.

katniss and peeta

The first major event would be that peeta and I embark on our victory tour. We visit all the districts and make appearances there. This was necessary for all winning tributes. It was the first time me and Peeta witnessed any of the other districts. We learned about many things that were not available in our home district.When we were approaching the games, there was the pre-game rituals. There was training, where I became familiar to the other tributes. Also, I formed alliances. There was also an important interview for all of the tributes. This was where Peeta told the people that I was in fact pregnant by him.The major event would be when the capital announced the Quarter Quell. This required Me and Peeta to go back into the games. This sent my life out of control. I had everything planned in my life, and now it was going to be torn apart. She had once lived in the horrors of the Hunger Games. Now she was forced to relive those experiences.Another major event would be the beginning to the end of the games. This was when Cinna was taken and beaten, and where many of the tributes were killed. There was also a clear view of how the other tributes were attempting to keep Peeta safe. Also, the plan that helped the tributes escape.


Katniss’s favorite things are hunting and fighting for her family, also she has really good skills with a bow an arrow. Katniss is a highly skilled archer, hunter, and trapper, having learned these from her father and Gale, honed to keep her family from starving. Her most favorite dish is lamb stew with dried plums

lamb stew with dried plums
katniss with her bow and arrow


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