The role of a leader in our society is very important as they help to make decisions in a group, organization or community. We should think about a lot of stuff before choosing a leader as he/she is going to be our voice in the future and we should always question them and their leadership to know how they are doing. We are surrounded by leaders 24/7.


Usually, we want to question the leaders to know what they are capable of and to be aware of their leadership. We want to know how would they handle a hard a situation and let us out. Not all leaders are right and know what others what because in their eyes their point of view their decision is correct. For example; presidents, parents, etc.
It is important to question the leaders because most of the leader's/authority thinks about maintaining their power first. Even parents do everything to retain their power so they can pass down their traditions and beliefs just like authorities. If we did not question them we would be in the same place as we were 1000 years ago, for example eating meat, little kids dying, etc.
No one is perfect and nor are leaders all the time. We should question to make them and the system better, so it is acceptable to a community, and we should know "what" is the act and "why" to know what we want and what our society wants. We will not believe in something until we question and we have an understanding.
We follow the leaders blindly and think they are right when they can be wrong. Questioning them will help us to be on a good and safer side while it will help the leaders to improve. For example, if we go to a doctor, he might give us a wrong prescription, and we won't question him back thinking he knows it all. We all mistakes and it is good to challenge the leaders. It includes teachers, police officers, lawyers, etc.
Racism, sexism, religious extremism, xenophobia, homophobia, and general intolerance still exists in our society, and we should question why? There are many laws and rules which exist to solve these problems but still they all exist. We should question them why? We should especially question racism in law.
As a son/ daughter, we should question our parents too because first of all that is our right and then secondly to know the reason. Cross questioning helps to build a healthy relationship, and we can trust each other even more. They are our parents, but that does not mean that they are always right and their decisions can't be wrong.

We should question or challenge a leader's leadership for sure as that would make them better and helps us believe in them.

An effective leader will ask and answer questions instead of giving direct orders.
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