Wild chicken university Admission Decision

Dear Candidate,

Thank you for applying to the University of Wild Chicken for fall 2019. The University of Wild Chicken admissions committee has completed a very careful, individual review of your application for freshman admission. Based on an individualized, overall assessment of your application, including your coursework, grades, standardized test scores, and the additional information you provided, we sincerely regret that we are unable to offer you a place in the WC University's fall 2019 freshman class.

Admission to the University of Wild Chicken is highly competitive. For fall 2018 admission, applications increased 150 percent compared to the previous year. We received more than 10 applications for a freshman class of approximately 2500 students. While we were very grateful for the strong interest in the University of Wild Chicken, the number of applications submitted and the strength of the applicant pool created a competitive admissions situation for fall 2018, and likely also for 2019. The overall strongest applicants, from a highly competitive applicant pool, are admitted. We are truly grateful for the strong interest in the University, but because of this interest, admission has become very competitive.

Please know that when we make admission decisions, we are not trying to keep applicants out of the University. Rather, we must ensure that the number of new freshmen is reasonably in line with the resources and services designed to support student success (e.g., course availability, academic advising, and campus housing).

Since we can understand that after we reject you, you will have no place to go. With this letter, we also attached you the application for Burger King. Please spend some effort on it, because on behalf of the entire admission committee at Wild Chicken, we all agreed that this is the only job that maybe available to you.


Dr. Chicken Burger

Dean of Admissions