Love and Fear Author: Reed farrel coleman

Genre: Fiction

theme: Novel

Charecters: Gulliver Dowd, He's a detective (main charecter) Keisha, victim Mafia Don, Father of victim
Setting: New York
Author Biography: He is 60 years old. He was born March 29th, 1956 in Brooklyn New York. He has two children, and is married to Rosanne.
Plot Summary: A powerful Mafia don in New York hires a detective to search for his missing daughter, keisha. Down and her father don't get along that's the problem though. Don knows who murdered her, but he never tells Dowd so he goes on a dangerous journey to solve the mystery and find Keisha.
Primary Conflict: Keisha gets murdered. Her father knows who done it but refuses to tell, and lets his enemy try and solve the mystery.

Sources: My book

Bethany Dennis


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