Iroquois Theater Fire ----------------------------------

There had been a fire in the Iroquois Theater, which killed more than 600 people on December 30th. Most of the people who had been killed in this fire were seated on the balcony, where they could watch the play from above.
Carl Prinzler, a hardware salesman, wanted to help the community. He created a panic bar, so that many people can push the door open from the inside whenever there was an emergency. This panic bar is still used today. Many schools, workplaces, and buildings have this tool in case of an incident. (
George Williams, the building commissioner, had commented confidently: "fireproof beyond all doubt." It turned out as a big lie, that caused the deaths of many. The structure of the building were not yet finished, but they said it was going to be alright. (
Since that theater fire, also similar to the Triangle Waist Company fire, they made doors open outwards from the inside of the room with panic bars. Sprinklers, emergency exits will never be locked, and the building needs to finished to be put into business. These were laws that are still here today. ( &
Overall, this Chicago Iroquois Theater Fire had a good impact on today. It was a bad event, but it did help our escape plans, building structures, and mostly our safety, that we have in the present. Carl Prinzler helped us with his invention, the panic bar. Even though the Iroquois Theater Fire was a tragic moment, it gave us a chance to improve our technology and not make the same mistakes again.


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