3rd Grade Music January-March 2017

OUr music curriculum

In Third Grade, the students will be focusing on two main units:

  1. I Can Read Music
  2. My First Concert

Below are the enduring understandings that the students have been working on for our second unit.

My First Concert:

  • I can make music with my recorder.
  • Groups of musicians can play music together in an ensemble.
  • We can perform our music for an audience.

The Musical Actives in Class

Through the Recorder, the students have been able to apply their music learning to woodwind instrument. The students’ music literacy skills have greatly improved, as well as their musicianship and ability to make music in a group or ensemble.

I hope you have been hearing the “sweet” sounds of learning to play the recorder. Practicing often for a short amount of time is the key to success for learning a new instrument. Please encourage your child to create the habit of playing their instrument 4-5 days a week for 5-10 minutes. Students should ask a parent to sign-off on their practicing each week.

Please ask your child to play a favorite song on their instrument. Giving our 3rd graders the opportunity to perform in front of an audience is another skill they we will be working on developing as we prepare for the Recorder Concert!

The 3rd Grade Recorder Concert Thursday, June 8th 2017 at 9:00 AM (formal invitation coming soon)

For more information, visit my website by clicking on the link below


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