Ten Technology Troubles By: Bria washburn

Trouble #1 = Pop ups keep popping up on your computer.

If pop ups keep popping up on your computer there is a few things you can do. If its a warning saying that your computer has been accessed and you need to install something to stop it don't hit OK. Chances are your computer has a virus. Also DO NOT PRESS CANCEL OR THE X, if you press these its the same as you hitting OK. If you press them you could be downloading something you don't want to. Instead of doing that press alt + F4. That will clear all the annoying pop ups.

Trouble #2= Computer not turning on

If your computer isn't turning on don't panic, chances are its a physical problem. Make sure that you have battery or that your cords are plugged in. Also make sure your lights are flashing so you know that your computer is on. Depending on how old your computer is it could also be fried and just not work anymore.

Trouble #3= Web browser not working

If when you search a website and it says server not found don't stress. If this does happen check your internet connection. Make sure your wifi isn't down and its working well. If it is then come back later.

Trouble #4= Computer taking you to random websites

If your computer is taking you to different websites that you don't want to see then you possibly could be hacked. Go download a Anti-Virus server that you trust and are comfortable using. After that use it to check for viruses and hackers. If you have them make sure to clear them away.

Trouble #5= Computer making strange noises

If your computer is making lots of weird noises its possible that your fan could be dying. "Computers accumulate dust over time, and when fans get clogged, they can slow down, decreasing their effectiveness and making an unpleasant grinding sound." Computercheckup.com

Trouble #6= Over heated computer

A lot of times when your computer overheats we don't think too much it. But overheated computers can cause lots of problems. Such as mouse glitches, strange performance in software, or lockups. Also lots of computers are programmed to shut down when overheated.

Trouble #7= Slow computer

A lot of times when your computer is being slow you get really annoyed. If this happens do make sure that you have a anti-virus software. The "health" of your computer is vital and it must be good.

Trouble #8= Restarting Computer

If your computer keeps on restarting without your permission. Your computer could updating. But, if this happens very often your computer could have a virus. Like I said many times make sure you have an Anti Virus Software.

Trouble #9= Wifi constantly disconnects

If your wifi is constantly turning off, then check your connection. Depending on how good your wifi service is it could not be plugged in correctly or just not working. If you've had your wifi for a very long time you might need a new wifi.

Trouble #10 Printer stops working

If your printer stops working then first you should make sure that its turned on. Next your printer could be out of ink so make sure you have plenty of ink. If your printer is really old it could be time to get a new printer.

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