Visiting the Joseph Knight Home By The Genealogy Kids

One of our bucket-list family vacations has always been New York. We finally made it happen! We won't tell you the whole story of our amazing trip, but here is one historical highlight:

After spending a few WILD and EXCITING days in the heart of Manhattan, New York City, it was time to venture out to the lovely upstate countryside where many of our ancestors lived.

Our ancestors were early converts to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. One particular group, the Joseph & Polly Knight family, was one of the very first families to believe in and follow Joseph Smith as a prophet. They were his close friends and gave him support as he translated the Book of Mormon and organized the first branches of the church. The Knights are our DIRECT ancestors, and this is their house! We were very excited to visit such a beautifully restored home and to know that this was the place where the Knights and Joseph Smith spent so much time.

A plaque on the front of the house notes all of the members of the "Colesville Branch" of the church. Most of these people are related to us!

A kind missionary couple gave us a very personalized tour of the home describing the discovery and restoration of the Knight house. They showed us artifacts that belonged to the family. They told us stories about the Knights. They talked about the amazing sacrifices the family made when it came time to leave their home and farm to follow the prophet westward.

We were interested in the original floorboards just outside the back door which were worn down. The missionaries theorized that this is where the Knight family would wipe their feet on the way into the house after being out on the farm.

This part of New York is absolutely beautiful and sacred to us. We are so grateful for our ancestors, for the lives they led, and for the blessings we have because of them.