5 Influences on Education Katie Lipps

Politics are a huge influence on Education. Laws and office holders affect the way our schools and education systems work.

Our society plays a huge role in education as well. Morals, religion, and society norms all affect education and how it runs.

Testing standards I think are a huge influence on our students. The way we assess our students is very important and we need to make sure we are testing them in a fair manner so that we are getting true results. Each child is different, and we need to differentiate assessments to get the best results.

Nutrition in the schools really affects the way the students learn. I believe if we had healthier choices for the kids, we would see a difference in their motivation.

Finally, education programs at universities are constantly changing. The colleges teaching our future teachers definitely affect education. They are the future of education, and making sure they are getting a great education themselves is very important.

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