Spring Staff Meetings 2017

Itinerary Spring Staff Meetings

Monday: May 1st

8am - Itinerary

8:15am - Review and cleanup Frontrush - including Boards (delete old/create new), "New Recruit" template fields, email templates, add deposited to "Roster"

9:00am - O/D Breakout - Spring Self-Scout

11:00am - Update Depth Charts - including deposited kids

Noon - 1:30pm - Break

1:30pm - Recruiting Overview (Review Ohio Schools assignments, Visit Days, Out-of-State areas/Resp., Summer Camp coverage)

2:30pm - Review Summer Lifting Workouts

4:30pm - TEAM Meeting - Lifting Manuals, Nike Gear, Raffle Tickets, Insurance Forms -- Spain guys stay after, the rest go to locker room to turn in equipment

To Do: Organize Special Units, update inventory

Tuesday: May 2nd

8am - Special Units - watch film from spring ball (make playlists), update resp., discuss more drill options, detailed teachings

10am - O/D Breakout - discuss fall installs

11:00am - Full Staff Meeting - Coordinators provide overall Good/Bad, what to work on!

Noon - 1:30pm - Break (12:30-1:15 Equipment Fitting)

2pm - Review Spain Practice plan

4pm - Spain Practice

To Do: call and update recruiting in frontrush, playlists and data finalized for Otterbein

Wednesday - May 3rd

8am - Update recruiting boards / deposits / fall depth charts

9am - quick review of staff resp.

9:30am - Discuss 1-5 camp install days / practice plans

10am - O/D Breakout - Otterbein game plan

Noon - 1:30pm - Break

2pm - Spain Practice

To Do: indy meeting for recruiting (list of your deposited, committed, and guys still on)

Thursday - May 4th

8am - Individual Meetings

8am - Pat Delaney

8:30am - Mike Ward

9am - Ian Formaz

9:30 - Bo Heinemann

10am - Paul Williams

10:30am - Ulysses Hall

11am - Issac Reed

11:30 - Robert Delaney

Schedule position meetings with your Units throughout the day. Watts player meetings will start at 1pm

CLEAN Office area before day is done!

Noon-1:30pm - Selby Stadium Clean-up

To Do: Call all of your position players who are deposited: 1. create detailed profile in TEAM WORKS 2. Fill out apparel form and record in Teamworks


  • Lifting Packets / Raffle Tickets / Letter to Commits
  • Call all commits to turn in deposit
  • Clean up office
  • Complete Apparel Form – give to BO (check roster)
  • Position Manuals
  • Special Unit Manuals
  • Develop Top 50 position group – share recruits with each other - remove old ones


  • Filmers / Managers / Clock Operator
  • Inventory up to date
  • Travel Plans set for next year - Due before May 15 (Hotels, food, buses to Tracey)
  • File insurance forms
  • Little Kids Camp
  • Golf Outing

Ward/Reed/Delaney 2.0

  • OWU Recruit Camp - invites sent out by next week.
  • Thank You to All Juniors
  • SID Forms / Commit Letters
  • Social Media
  • Recruiting assistant hires


  • Mail lifting Manual to deposited recruits
  • Student ID numbers into Temaworks
  • Lifting videos sent to recruits


  • Team Summer Camp
  • 7 on 7 Teams for summer camps
  • Meeting Rooms - for summer camps and OWU
  • Academic review once grades come out

Open items needed to be completed for August Staff Meetings:

  • Camp Check-in Date
  • Camp Check-in Itinerary
  • Accountability Board - Joe Kist
  • Big Bro / Lil Bro program - ideas??
  • Finalize roster and send to housing
  • Order Nike Player/Coaches Gear - plus cleats
  • Equipment Needs
  • Scrimmage Formats / Officials
  • Completed Otterbein Game Plan
  • Bye Week Plans
  • Roster guys in Frontrush August 9th

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