The Wealthy and The Poverty of Society

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Since ancient civilization, people have been placed in social groups based on wealth. As long as person and their family had money they would be able to able to live a good life. As we can see today it is very easy to spot people who have a lot of money. Back in the Ancient Mediterranean era it was also easy to spot the wealthy. Back than wealthy roman men would were togas, and famous soldiers would wear armor made armor made from the finest materials. Wealthy People today can also be distinguished today by the cloths they wear or the cars they drive.

When wealth emerged so did poverty. What Poverty is in a society, is the absence of wealth. The areas of a community where wealth is lacking is what creates poverty. Many people today are born into poverty just like people are born rich. Babies born into Poor families were doomed from birth to suffer in life, until they are pulled out of poverty. In many cases people were forced into living poor lives. The shackles of slavery deprived people from their wealth, homes, and social standings to succumb to the will of another man. Records of this date back to the Ancient Greeks.

Roman food party beware of vomiting

So what did it mean to be rich thousands of years ago in the Mediterranean. Well many rich men back than own slaves, had huge houses called villas and much more. A wealthy life was definitely as easy one. It is very hard to imagine a rich roman to get hungry because they would vomit their own food to make room for more.

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Today many cultures have many ways to show wealth. In Dubai one of the richest places on Earth, Many people have Exotic animals such as predatory cats such as leopards as pets. People just drive around with these dangerous animals in their cars like they can't get eaten by their ownpet

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Another huge sign of wealth today is cars. We often determine how much money a man has by the type of car they drive. If we see someone ride around in a Lamborghini< we will assume he has a lot of money. If we spot someone with a car that breaks down every 10 mile, well assume that the driver is broke.

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If you don't know what a poor person looks like or have not seen one before you should go to New York City and look around. There you will see the very essence of poverty in our world. You will walk around and see hobos every where. The truly poor people today have no home, no job, and are hungry.

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African poverty is a great example of the truly poor people having no home, food, and job. Also these kids are stuck that way with almost no way to escape poverty. As you can see it sad to look at the Hungry and know that there were people who actually vomited their food purposely

How the world really is today (image from

Since the beginning of Civilization there have always been the rich and the poor. Wealthy and Poverty are strong binary opposites and they effect each other very much so. Poverty is the absence of wealth, but in today's world the Wealthy cause that absence by taking from the poor. Their have been many cases in history were the poor revolted and took away the wealth of the rich causing them to become poor or worse.

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